• What are my shipping options?
    • Orders can be picked up at a date and location determined by your organization, or you can have your order shipped to your house via UPS for $9. Some organizations are only offering shipping via UPS, so please make sure you check out the notes listed for your specific organization.
  • How can I pay for my order?
    • Shopify accepts all major credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover) and PayPal.
  • I accidentally ordered 2 of one item and I only wanted one. Can you refund my card?
    • Yes we can. Give us a call or e-mail us as soon as you realize it and we can refund your card. You should receive an e-mail from Shopify once the amount is refunded back onto your card.
  • I chose UPS for shipping - will I get my order sooner than the rest?
    • Because each order is custom and because of the time it takes to set up the machines to produce your apparel, we produce all orders at the same time. You order will go out right around the same time the other orders are ready for pick up.
  • I ordered the wrong size. Do you do exchanges?
    • We do not do exchanges, as each order is custom. Please refer to the size chart and item descriptions listed for each item. If you're still unsure, we recommend going a size up (especially for growing kids!)
  • When are orders due?
    • Each organization has different deadlines, so make sure you check yours or ask the person in charge of spiritwear
  • I missed the cut off - can I still place my order?
    • Generally, we do not accept late orders. Once the orders have been cut off, we begin ordering the apparel, as it takes a few extra days for us to receive items from some suppliers. Typically, organizations do at least two rounds of orders at a time, so if you missed the first round of orders, you are in luck and will have a chance to order again!
  • Shopify looks like a great way to fund raise. Is it easy to set one up for my organization?
    • Yes! Give us a call or stop in and we can get you started.
  • I received my child's apparel a month ago and XX (ie, a sleeve) is starting to unravel. Can you replace it?
    • We are only responsible for the customized area of the garment (anything printed/heat pressed/embroidered). If you notice a manufacturers issue within a week of receiving your order and it is something we overlooked, let us know. We are not responsible for any issues that arrive after that or general wear and tear.


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